Exclusive & Luxury Online Advertising Guide



Grey Pages is an exclusive online directory created with the purpose to focus on high-end clientelle's needs. We advertise companies in South Africa who focus primarily on luxury and high-end products and services.

Our directory is very easy to use. Users can browse by service and city; read a short company description and contact the company instantly via their website or social media platforms available. With every listing, you can hover-over the advert block (on desktops / tablets) OR click the + Icon (on mobile phones) to be directed to the companies' website and all social media platforms associated with that company - All from one place.

With the creation of Grey Pages, we are growing a five-star network. Our purpose is to be the ‘Go’To’ site for discerning clients to search for service and products.

We are focusing on the three main cities in South Africa and their respective surrounding areas and plan to expand to other cities in South Africa and Globally by 2021.

In terms of advertising on Grey Pages, we assess all companies who wish to join our directory and only advertise those that meet our strict criteria. Advertising material will also be subject to approval. This ensures we keep the focus on luxury and high-end markets. We also limit the amount of advertisers per page to 12 listings.

We offer regular postings, premium postings (top row), individual company landing pages, banner adverts and banner advert design.

If you have any suggestions to improve our website, questions or if you have a recommended category to add, please contact us.